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If You Proclaim Ergun Caner is a liar, you are a Godless Pagan
1st November 2011

I introduce you to Colin Pearson. Colin is a Christian gentleman who is familiar with the deceit of Ergun Caner. 

Recently, Ergun was speaking at the conference held at the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Church. According to the schedule of events, he was speaking on the "secret of Islam". Colin Pearson made the decision to attend this conference wearing a T-Shirt that exposed the stupidity of Ergun and Norman Geisler. The T-Shirt was specifically focusing on Ergun's inability to quote Ahadith properly. Ergun saw Colin wearing this shirt and this is his testimony of the events that took place:


This past Saturday morning, the second day of the Apologetics Conference at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, I attended the first session of the morning, given by Dr. Ergun Caner. Not long into the session, he said, "Some people have a problem with me…"

"I have a problem with you!" a man yelled, interrupting Dr. Caner. "You're a fraud! If you don't believe me, look it up on YouTube!"

"It's okay," Dr. Caner reassured the audience as security escorted the man out of the building. "It's okay to have stalkers; it's how you respond to them."

After the session, I went to the Fellowship Hall where the merchandise tables were set up. I thought I'd try to make my way to Dr. Caner's table and see if he would be willing to answer a few questions. I was already familiar with the accusations brought against him and his response (or lack thereof). In fact, I had a friend, who had recently started private screen printing, make a shirt for me. For the design, I borrowed the question from Dr. James White, "Please quote Hadith 2425 and explain its relevance to the Qur'an." As I stood near Dr. Caner's table, hoping to get closer. He saw my shirt and called out, "Ah! Another one of my stalkers!"

"Me?" I asked.

"Yes, you. We don't come to your conferences," he said.

"I'm sorry. What, exactly, makes me a stalker?" I asked.

"Your t-shirt," he said. "The people who made those are godless pagans! You all hate me and my ministry, and Dr. Geisler and his ministry."

"My friend made me this t-shirt," I said.

"Your friend is a godless pagan," he said.

"I asked him to make the t-shirt for me. Are you implying that I'm a godless pagan?" I asked.

He rolled his eyes and motioned to his security guards.

"Excuse me, Dr. Caner, have I done anything wrong?" I asked.

A security guard motioned to me and said, "Sir, can I talk to you over here."

"Absolutely," I said.

The security guard proceeded to tell me to calm down, to which, I responded, "Sir, I'm completely calm. Dr. Caner seems to be a little upset. He called me and my friend godless pagans. Is there a reasonable explanation for that kind of behaviour?"

"I don't fully understand the situation, but right now we just need you to back off," he said.

"I'm not trying to cause problems here. What I would like is either an apology or an explanation for why I'm being called a godless pagan. He said I hate him and Dr. Geisler and their ministries. I didn't even say anything of the sort." I said.

"I don't think you're going to get an apology," he said.

I went on my way back to the sanctuary a little shaken up. The rest of the conference I was watched by security. I thought to myself the phrase that Dr. Caner had said in response to the man yelling at him, "…It's how you respond to them." He had indeed responded very appropriately to the man yelling at him. His response to me was much different. My question to him, in my mind, was, "Dr. Caner, is that how you respond to a brother in Christ who is seeking the truth?"

As you just read, Ergun was not really happy to confront his critics (something he says that is his hearts desire).

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